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Three Tales

A boy with peculiar gifts, a man who once knew love, an old actor on the last day of his life. Holy fools. And their helpers—familiars, angels, spectres. Canny visitants in uncanny places. Tales in the grey zone between comic realism and gothic fantasy, between the psychological and the supernatural.  [Read more]

The Wulfenite Affair & Other Stories

A novella and ten other stories, by the author of Sister Patsy, Luggas Wood and The Yellow Room.
A mining camp in Arizona, Paris in the 70s, Heidelberg in the 60s, a college town in Missouri, a French resort in the Caribbean, Norwegian immigrants in Brooklyn.
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Without Direction

Daniel Nordal is caretaker and sole occupant of a rocky paradise on the Norwegian coast, in self-imposed exile by the demons of his own nature and by a past he cannot forget. When his island is threatened by an American developer, Nordal finds himself thrust into new and turbulent waters. [Read more]

Sister Patsy

Second edition, revised, of the novel first published in 2003 by Pasdeloup Press. A fable of defeat and redemption, of innocence and the knowledge of evil, unfolding against a backdrop of camp meetings, revivals, gospel singers, flamboyant evangelists.
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