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Sister Patsy

Sister Patsy

Second edition, revised, of the novel first published in 2003 by Pasdeloup Press. A fable of defeat and redemption, of innocence and the knowledge of evil, unfolding against a backdrop of camp meetings, revivals, gospel singers, flamboyant evangelists. Of mysterious birth and eccentric upbringing, self-taught, apprenticed to an itinerant preacher, Sister Patsy has a gift, a power to move great crowds of people and to inspire intense devotion in a few. But in 1939 on a stormy summer night in Brooklyn, enemies, visible and invisible, are gathering strength. Sister Patsy has new lessons to learn in this night, lessons of freedom, of courage, of responsibility.

Cover illustration by Virgil Burnett from the 1st edition.

ISBN 978-0-9881098-2-7


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