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Three Tales: New publication

My new, very slim, little book—Three Tales—is now published.

“The Walk,” from Wulfenite Affair, expanded and renamed “Mile 88.6,” together with two new stories.

One way and another, the three tales converged. They became fairy tales, variations on the primal fairy-tale situation: A hero, thrown by birth or chance into a quest or a conflict or a danger he does not fully understand, finds a guide or a donor, one who gives him a gift, or a key, or a power. A test is set for this hero in an uncanny place, in which normal time and causation are suspended.

The order of the stories followed naturally. “Oliphant Street” is about a young boy with peculiar gifts. A man recovers something lost in his youth in “The Tabernacle.” “Mile 88.6” follows an old actor in his last day on earth. Avatars of the hero at different stages of life.

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